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More High-Quality Leads,

Fewer Growing Pains.

When it comes to lead generation services, more is not always better. Instead, our dedicated outsourced teams are here to deliver consistent, high-quality leads that eliminate stress, headaches, and wasted hours from the lead verification process. Most importantly, our holistic approach to lead generation covers each step of the process. So, you can focus on moving forward. 

B2B Email & LinkedIn Lead Generation

Most business owners simply don’t have the time (or the budget) to run their cold outreach campaigns effectively. Our goal is to help you find more leads with tailored strategies for both email and LinkedIn. With QUALITYL, you gain access to dedicated outsourced cold email prospecting, LinkedIn automation campaigns, domain health services, and weekly reports, giving you a personalized outreach strategy that yields results.

Customizable Cold Outreach

Just think of QUALITYL as your personalized cold outreach LEGO set. Together, we give you the building blocks you need to create a dynamic outreach strategy that turns leads into regular clients, one strategic move at a time.


Build Your Strategy With:


  • Dedicated outsource team.

  • Exhaustive research and analysis.

  • Complimentary outreach campaign playbook.

  • Cold outreach email campaigns tailored to your channel.

  • LinkedIn outreach campaigns unique to your goals. 

  • Expertly executed cold calls.

  • Online domain support. 


Still in doubt or need help to craft your best outreach package? Let’s talk about creating your exclusive offer. We get back to you in 30 mins.

B2B Outsourced Outreach

After we’ve curated at least 300 new leads, our team meticulously vets and verifies every lead we pass along to our clients, resulting in a fresh batch of high-quality leads, higher open rates, and fewer wasted resources. From there, we streamline the acquisition process with in-house appointment-setting tools that make it fast and easy to connect with prospective clients. No matter what your calendar looks like, we’ll make sure it stays steady with high-quality connections.

Case Studies:

Real Stories. Measurable Results.

A Web3 Startup’s journey
to 60K New Deals

When we partnered with an innovative UK-based AI and blockchain technology development, we sought to extend their reach by delivering connections with potential partners and investors around the globe. By the end of our contract, we had garnered more than $60K in revenue for the company, helping to establish the brand as a dominant force in the fintech space. 

For the first 6 months, our team took a deep dive into the company’s unique marketplace, working to identify prospective parties who would benefit from investing in the company’s game-changing investing App. From there, our lead generation specialists used an integrated cold outreach that focused on securing quality leads that matched the company’s vision.

The Results, By The Numbers:

12,000 New Contacts

We connected with more than 12,000 potential investors, partners, and organizations through our cold outreach services. 


58% Open Rate

Our cold campaigns saw a staggering 58% open rate, exceeding their previous campaigns significantly. 


9% Response Rate

Of those opened emails, 9% responded, and more than 54 appointments were booked.


60K New Deals

The Growth of a Food Manufacturing Enterprise
To 270% ROI

A prolific food manufacturing enterprise that has a worldwide legacy for delivering outstanding cookies, initially contacted Qualityl to help boost their reach beyond their native Ukraine, which faced significant challenges due to aggressive attracts from Russia. 


Together, our B2B lead generation team works intimately with their confectionary masters to understand the unique challenges facing their operation, devising a creative strategy to identify and secure new partnerships in Baltic and Southern European countries. By the end of our campaign, the company saw a massive 270% ROI and seamlessly adapted its operation to persevere in the face of unprecedented challenges. 

The Results, By The Numbers:

62.5% Open Rate

Our cold outreach emails received a warm welcome from potential leads, featuring an impressive 62.5% open rate. 


15% Response Rate

To date, more than 15% of the 8,500+ leads responded to our campaign, helping them to create a new network of connections. 


43 New Appointments

Ultimately, we secured 43 new appointments for the company, resulting in necessary growth for its operations. 


270% ROI

Our Mission
To Drive Tech Sales

We worked with a force to be reckoned with in the IT space, serving its community by creating the Internet of Things (IoT), offering embedded systems, PCB boards, mobile applications, product development, CRM, and ERP tools. They connected with Qualityl in the hopes of elevating their sales strategy with our lead generation service, leading to more than 4,700 new connections.


After three months of partnership, our client experienced a measurable increase in hardware and software sales, which were linked to leads generated by the Qualityl team. Together, we worked to push this established brand to its next sales milestone, one lead at a time.

The Results, By The Numbers:

52% Open Rate

Our B2B lead generation campaigns achieved a 52% open rate amongst prospective clients, reducing the company’s overall bounce rate and driving more interest. 


500+ Responses

More than 500 leads responded to these cold outreach emails to learn more about the company and its innovative services. 


63 Warm Leads

To date, our client continues to nurture 63 warm leads, opening the doors to more sales in the future. 


4,700 New Contacts

In total, our team researched and vetted a network of 4,700 new contacts for their marketing department.

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